Monday, July 22, 2013

What is Social Media Marketing?

A powerful tool to promote, advertise, and market any sort of brand, product, and or service. Unlike, traditional advertising and marketing; ‘Social Media Marketing’ is the fastest, far-reaching, and above all – cheapest mode to reach out potential or existing consumers or customers. No doubt, traditional advertising, which include – TV commercials, special campaigns, newspaper inserts and advertisements, billboards across streets, advertisements on public transport vehicles and other means, which are visible to public are equally fast; reaching masses at the same time, but are quite expensive compared to promotions, publicity, offers, and campaigns run on social networking sites.

May it be a large sized corporate, small enterprises, vendors, wholesalers, retailers, publishers, authors, artists, and many others can possibly, with much ease interact with their respective customers, consumers, or audiences within no time.

Such means of marketing have grown manifolds; after social networking site – facebook and micro-blogging site – twitter became popular among companies and individual users all over the world. Facebook and Twitter have been used extensively to promote brands and products in the recent past. Other widely popular website includes, LinkedIn – a website for working professionals; however, it is also utilized by companies to host their own profile, company history, office addresses, and names of key executives. This assists companies on many professional grounds.

Today, almost all organizations across the world – big or small, have their presence on social networking sites enabling them reach out the end user directly.

For example – An individual consumer of an FMCG company, will have the freedom to express his/her experiences he/she had after using the company’s product/s; just by liking or following that particular company’s page on ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’ respectively. In return, the company can interact with its consumer/s directly or through other resources. Quite positive. Isn’t it?

Here, it is good to note that upgraded technology has evolved in getting people across the world, closer that ever.

We all know that technology is abused even before it is put to its correct use. Considering this, social networking sites too, have their negatives. There always is a possibility of spammers or unwanted elements joining social pages of companies, with fake profiles. Such users tend to spoil the image of a particular company, even if they are not it’s consumers. Under such circumstances; companies affected surely can take steps to remove or block such elements from their page/s to protect their reputation.

Every social networking site have a provision to block, remove, or report any of its followers, if the user notices unwanted content on any of its pages. A bit difficult, but doing so enables the company or fan page users to protect its reputation among other loyal buyers and or followers.

Almost all companies have an IT department, which control technology related issues and amicably resolves them. However, technology is far more powerful today; than it used to be, but unfortunately is quite prone to hacking, spamming, and other viruses. Organizations and individuals need to protect themselves and their systems by installing anti-theft; firewall protection software’s to avoid being spammed, spoofed, and exposed to risks, which also includes protecting online social statuses.

Social Media is on the rise and its not going to stop bringing people closer.