Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My experiences with self-publishing...

Self-publishing is tough. And marketing self-published book is even tougher. One needs to know the basics, such as - trim size, pricing the book, marketing the book on different platforms including social media etc.

Although a novice to publishing, I self-published "Maiden Musings" nearly five years ago using Createspace

Along with a paperback, I also wanted to make it available on Kindle so that people who wish to read the book on their smartphones, tablets, or Kindle device they could. I did publish it after a month or so, but the layout was completely wonky and not worth buying.

I kept the project live for few days and then I unpublished the book on Kindle just because I did not want to disappoint readers.

Keeping pace with times, I again explored publishing "Maiden Musings" on Kindle through KDP. I read and understood all that was required to make the book presentable, readable, and enjoyable. 

I took over 8 days to structure the book as per Kindle standards and this time - I was successful.


Glad to share link to "Maiden Musings" - Kindle edition. Priced at Just $0.99.

Hope you enjoy reading it...

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