Monday, March 26, 2018

Are your experiences useful to others?

To the above question, most of us would nod a YES! Right?

Indeed, the experiences we all get from whatever we have done in the past and whatever we are doing or whatever we are going through today is a good teacher. Sharing good or bad experiences with others prepare them mentally and physically, provided they are prepared to learn from them. They get insights on how to handle or manage typical situations or on how tasks can be completed successfully. 

But the tough part is how many people connected with us directly or indirectly benefit from our experiences. The numbers might be very less. Why?

It is simply because they think their education or task management skill is superior to experiences of others. They aren't prepared to accept anything beyond their mental or physical reach. 

However, there are few who are always on their toes to learn from their own mistakes and grasp everything from the experiences of others. Although the numbers are very few, they succeed in whatever they are doing or are planning to achieve. They never take credit for their success. In fact, they openly accept constant learning from others.

You know, such breed is very rare. 

So, how would you know whether your experiences are useful to others? Here are few pointers which can tell...
  • Accept your mistakes and guts.
  • Ready to learn from your mistakes.
  • Learn from your confidence. 
  • Take risks.
  • Listen and work on your suggestions.
  • Take notes and put them to use.
  • Observe your actions closely. 
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Ignore negative influences.

I ensure to constantly learn from others. Although I wasn't open during my initial years and suffered. But the success of others whether hidden or open helped me alter my approach toward personal and professional life.

The above is a small list collated from my personal and professional experiences. There may be more and I invite you to share your opinions on experiences.

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