Monday, May 29, 2017

The Importance of Graphic Design in Social Media

The term “Graphic Design” usually reminds about advertising industry or print media where ads are visualized, created and published after laborious hours of laying out elements till final design of the advertisement. However, in early days of advertising; designing was of less importance while conveying the message was of priority.  

The sense of designing grew when colored prints of ads were available and a message could be presented in various ways.

The advertising industry has seen a lot of changes in the past couple of decades; especially when the world got hooked onto digital communications. Earlier, digital world was limited to a website or email, but after the introduction of social media, the advertising industry has evolved for the good. Traditional ads that appeared in newspapers, magazines, or journals, reached a limited audience of a city, state, of a country, but due to social media, same ads are reaching beyond all territorial boundaries.

Today, whatever the medium - online or print, in the absence of designing - graphic designing, specifically; all forms of advertising will be ineffective. Graphic designs make the ads appealing and it forces the audience to look at the ad, at least once. Graphic design plays an increasingly important role not only in building brand awareness & recognition but in attracting the attention of users.

The moot question still remains unanswered - what role does graphic design play in social media?

However, with the growing use of digital means of communication, the span of attention of users has decreased over the years, and hence, most users love to catch-up relevant information in very few seconds. Since many people are visual learners, they’ll remember a brand better when they see some visuals about it, instead of hearing or reading about it.

A well planned graphic design or placement of logo play a big role in how a product or service is perceived by the social media user. An attractive graphic design helps to strengthen a brand, build trust with the consumer and make the business seem larger than it is.
A well-designed graphic can also lead the user to post links on his/her own social media profile/page; this directs potential customers back to the brand's website or social media platforms or maybe even start a viral campaign with unlimited potential.

Finally, graphic design should be large and detailed enough; so that, visitors to the social media page can easily recognize the image. It should not be so large which takes a long time to load. The design or advertisement layout should emphasize on the proper selection of image and the message to be conveyed. The merger all elements in the right proportion helps a brand to build brand recall and reputation, in the long run.

So, can we say, Social Media is an optimal alternative to traditional advertising, today?

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