Monday, June 12, 2017

...paid immortality

...while standing in a long
never lasting queue

at Supreme’s palatial home

a feeble call
entered my

It will be eons
till you reach the hell
in there
I can make it faster”

“Why do you say that?
who the hell are you?”

“Do not ask
who I am
just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’
to my offer

I stood my ground
on deciding

With a sigh
I gave up
on waiting

What’s the deal?”

“Handover all that you have
not under the skies
under the table
where I tell you
wait for your turn
in coming centuries”

“That’s not a good deal
I cannot wait”

“Waiting is prerequisite
My Beloved”

“I see

leave it

I said
I cannot wait

I would rather
speak with angels to let me in
instead of sweetening you, Yama”

“The so called angels
wouldn't entertain you at all
they are busy
tallying inducements
collected to date
which I passed on to them

Still confused

standing there
I decided to quit
paid immortality...

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