Thursday, June 22, 2017

For whom is your Social Media Marketing?

Working in digital marketing company for nearly 4 years now, it has widened my understanding of how social media marketing affect a brand. 

"If your brand marketing on social media is for everyone, it is for no one."

I read this in one of the blogs on social media marketing and have rephrased it in my own words. 

Quick test: Who’s your audience? Which market are you looking to explore? Your products? If you are like most enterprises that sell multiple products or offer different services to multiple audiences, you might have two, three, or different audiences which you are trying to target with the same content initiative. Is that really working for you or for your brand?

Four questions...

Whether your goal is to sell or serve more, you need to get focused on your core audience. If you haven’t already, answer these questions and make sure your entire marketing team puts all their efforts in that direction.
  1. Who? Who is the audience for each post on social media sites? Who is the specific audience you are targeting on these platforms?
  2. Why? Why are you doing this? What is that you see to call social media marketing initiative a success? (Do you need to it to drive sales, save costs, drive customer loyalty, or increase brand identity?)
  3. Outcome? What’s in it for the people? How are you making their lives better or easier in some way? What’s the pain point you are solving for them?
  4. Replacement factor? If you do not provide information about your products or services to your audience, would they care or notice? Will they find the information elsewhere? Is what you are saying really that important to them?
While all these questions are important if you have multiple responses to “who,” the other questions are almost impossible to answer. Having multiple audiences reduces the value of your communication and it has less impact on your audience and will be almost impossible for you to accomplish your social media marketing goals.

Next step...

Social Media Marketing is simple, but never get overly complicated with the available solutions. This is as simple as analyzing, getting your marketing team together and discuss. Many times, online marketing initiatives start with a singular audience focus but expand over time to multiple audiences. If that is the case, it is best to start with low-performance initiatives first. This will help you focus on your core audience, and use other platforms or initiative to communicate with your secondary audience.

Finally, your brand may not need an online marketing initiative targeted to every audience.

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